What is your image of Japan?

You may search google or Youtube about the country before you live, or even staying there for a short travel, and you’ll find lots of information how the local people like. I sometimes see people saying about Japan and Japanese people, and found it interesting. Some are pretty accurate, but others are not quite, whichContinue reading “What is your image of Japan?”

New service, New you!

Just a brief announcement that I’m planning to renew my service. It would be not just a coaching, but also offer learning courses and some interactive opportunities. It’s been a while since I launched this website. The year 2020 brought us some hiccups, changes, toughness, or hardship. On the other hands, it was great opportunitiesContinue reading “New service, New you!”

What do you want after corona?

It’s been about a month or so since the state of emergency was lifted in Japan. Many shops started to open their business with precaution against Covid-19. Some countries also have action plans how to restart and expand social activities while keep transmission low. Others still keep fighting to flatten curves by staying home asContinue reading “What do you want after corona?”

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