My name is Hiroko, I was born and raised in Japan. When I was a university student in Kyoto, I joined an exchange program in Vancouver, Canada. This is my first experience living abroad. I was surprised how different Canadian way of life is, but I liked it. 18 years after, I went back to Canada to study Tourism and Hospitality, then worked for hotels there.

Then I moved to Singapore for work, ending up living there for 1.5 years. I noticed the life in Singapore is very different from Canada although both countries are multi-cultural.

After I moved back to Kyoto, Japan, I found it was very hard for myself to adjust back to Japanese society. (It sounds weird because I was born and raised there, but it is true.) I could not enjoy life in Kyoto, and felt very down.

One day, I met a non-Japanese lady in a yoga class in Japan. We were having general conversation like how long you have been in Japan and so on. In the middle of conversation, I told her that I was just back from abroad. Then she said to me, ‘Oh, it is hard to adjust the life because it is different.’ I really felt relieved and happy as I felt she understood my tough time.

Since then I started to see my bright side and realized I can see something from Japanese view and non-Japanese view. I decided to take online life coaching course offered by Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, Canada in 2019 to utilize my uniqueness to help people living in foreign country.

I offer my coaching in English and Japanese.

P.S. You will see some pictures in this site… I took them all! Photography is my hobby since I was in Vancouver.

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