What do you want after corona?

It’s been about a month or so since the state of emergency was lifted in Japan. Many shops started to open their business with precaution against Covid-19. Some countries also have action plans how to restart and expand social activities while keep transmission low. Others still keep fighting to flatten curves by staying home as much as possible.

Staying home or self quarantine gives us plenty time. You may be bored because you cannot go out. (Yes, actually I felt bored, too!) On the other hand, essential workers are really busy, busier than before. They keep working with risk of virus. (I appreciate all essential workers to keep us safe and well. Seriously.)

Wherever you are, our common questions are like; What happens in the future? What do I want to do after corona is gone? What can I do during or after quarantine?

It’s normal to worry about your future, and not to know what to do. It’s okay to be scared, because most of us never experienced such pandemic before.

Let’s look on the positive side; this unnormal time lets you find what the most important for you is. Do I like my job? What can I change? Who do I want to meet? What make me happy? etc….

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